Sunday, 23 March 2014

In the modern world the problem of space is growing the people fastly who live in small flats where is difficult to manage the proper kitchen environment. Mini kitchens are become popular now days that meet your essential need of kitchen in a small place,look like a mini Ktchen .The concept of mini kitchen or compact kitchen is to save space by collecting all your kitchen needs in one place.Your table kitchen should be horizontal or vertical position you should set it according to your space and structure of your flat.

Sometime you can use this type of kitchen as regular kitchen so you can carry it on a family picnic with your van, but this type of kitchen are so small in size but do not let its small size it can facilitate you as your home kitchen the only difference is that your home kitchen have walls around it and this will be an outdoor but as the first, this will provide all your items used for cooking an arm’s distance in a small place in the form of mini kitchen


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